A child is screaming in to a microphone

Artists that changed my life!

  1. Tracy Chapman
  2. Dolly Parton
  3. Lenny Kravitz
  4. Al Green

Music is a fickle thing it can break your heart and make you glow. Tracy chapman means the world to me she gets me through roughtimes when I cant see the end. And she makes me feel strong when i'm weak. Her songs are still relevant today."Mountains O' Things", she talks of how we always will want more and more, while never being satified. She talks about about how greedy we are by sueing left and right and that many people at the top just "Exploiting other human beings".

When i'm sad and I just need a mom in the room, not judging me and just plain encorging me along I turn to Dolly. When she sings I get shivers and it almost lifts a weight off my chest. She has this way of touching my heart even though she will never even know of my existance and how much she means to me. I do know that she knows how much she means to people and thats why she seems kind and down to earth because she doesnt assume she is better than anyone else.

Lenny and Al are my boys. They get you lovin' and hugging everyone. Makes you wanna swing you hips and beg for chips. The perfect men to make your morning routine to go smooth like velvet. And even better to go to sleep to.