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Hiya, I am Rebecca Frazier I currently attend Texas State University. Getting my batcholors in Digital Media Innovations I am a creative person, recently I have been in to sewing and drawing. Though I am medocre, I am enjoying my time to myself and the progress I have made learning difficult and new subjects. Thank you for coming on this journey, I hope its not a super bumpy ride.

I grew up on 10 acres about an hour from Austin. We didnt have internet for most of my life or when we did it was very limited and was only used by my parents. Instead of taking to video games or youtube at a young age I went in more an artistic direction. I remember distinctly sitting behind the glass screen door as it rained drawing what was outside when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

From there I went on to doing cake competitions and going to art camp at Laguna Gloria . I have recently been almost angry that life is not as simple as it used to be. And that has caused my life mentally to have its ups and downs but art and music always has my back. When i'm stressed and about to have a panic attack I doodle or start to sing music from my heart. It sounds almost pathetic but somtimes you have to step away from being connected to even remember who you are.