Cats are better than dogs. Here is why if you have to be convinced.

Tabby cat sitting on orange pants.

I have a cat named Roscoe, she is named after the sherriff in the Dukes of Hazzard. She is a bout 12 years old and enjoys sleeping on butts. She likes a still, quiet room, anything too crazy she gets agitated and stressed. Then she bites a lil' bit. She is a mutt cat that my family found when we were living in Liberty Hill. There we had a ton of outdoor cats to keep the snake and rodent population at bay on our ten acres.

Roscoe's daily routine: her day starts around 4:30am where she finds a loose sheet of paper and proceeds to crumple it and scratch at it till I wake up and let her out of the room. Then she sprints around the living room and stairs untill we wake up. Around 6:30 She meows at the door to come back in the room. We leave for work or school and until around 4:30 her day is a mystery. Once we get home she races down stairs to try to run out the front door. Around this point she is grumpy and is ready to play and tries to bite at least one of our roommates. Then we head to bed around 9 and this is when she gets fed this disracts her enough so we can get ready and start to calm down. And we start it all over.

Roscoe has some quirks that we find just cute! My fav is if she eats out of a normal bowl she eats everything till she has nothing left. Then about 30min later pukes it all up. Another good one is when she is goes to the vet she has to be sedated cause she gets nervous in new environments. But for real, she carries this robot stuffed animal around when she wants to play and wrestles with him and its super cute.