I have always been crafty, since I was little have been attacking the local Micheals and Hobby Lobby. Saving money and coupons. Fun fact this caused me to know at aound the age of 6 that at every dollar there is about 8 cents in tax and this helped me mange the money I have. Some of the thing I enjoy in my free time:

Thread in a white box from the top view of the tops

My Grandma (aka Momo) was a seemstress and my Grandpa (aka Grandpa) was a artist and musican. I spent many summers at their house just watching them work. I loved that with both of thier jobs you see a creative peice come from nothing into somthing that can take your breath away. This inspired me to try to do the same. And when you finish somthing and you created it yourself there is no better feeling of success.

Recently I have gotten back into sewing and doodling. And to help me face the new and challenging online world I started a Instagram to put myself out there. And just for fun I made a Fivrr to sell random doodles. You send me a request with anything you can imagine and I will create a hand drawn mediocre version of it. So far I have only had one message and it was spam but I have high hopes somthin goofy will come out of it.

Project Supplies Time Line
Curtains Old duvet cover, sissors, thread thread and sewing machine/needles Per curtain about 30mins.
Upcycled outfit Clothes you have grown to hate, sissors, thread and sewing machine/needles Took about a month handstitching most of it.
Pour art Acrylic paint, a cup, Wd40, canvas, and a base of either white glue or a lot of one color paint 15 mins for pouring and 24-48hrs of drying time.
Doodle Paper and pen, pencil or drawig media 10sec to hours.